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    這是青少年犯罪ppt英文,包括了Map of Brainstorming,exploring statement,Ideas Showing,what causes it,How to do,Oral Presenting等內容,歡迎點擊下載。


    crime Map of Brainstorming exploring statement “On Causes and Countermeasures of Crimes  by College Students” College students, who are regarded as elites of society, enjoy high intelligence, high quality and high tastes. But in recent years, some of them challenged the law and ended up in prison, bringing their bright futures into ruins. It is absolutely a heartbreaking fact.  It is worth noticing that the phenomenon of college students committing crimes is on the way of increasing, which inevitably arises attention and emphasis from all walks of society. The increasing cases of crimes committed by college students negatively influence their families, schools, society as well as themselves. In this context, the problem brought about by crimes committed by college students need to be solved immediately Ideas Showing There are a lot of crimes happen around us. In today’s society,there are more and more cases of juvenile delinquency in some countries. what causes it ,and what precaution measures should we do ? How to prevent ourself ? The cause of the phenomenon,in my opinion,is a combination of both subjective and objective factors. what causes it Objective Family pay little attention to their children lack of proper guidance School Provides to the students is nothing but academic knowledge Neglect moral (道德)standards and correct philosophy of life what causes it Subjective mentally immature in general It’s hard for them to distinguish right from wrong How to do The School schools should carry out plans of education for students’ all round development The family strengthen the function and responsibility of family education pay more attention to their children Oral Presenting Young boys and girls are the future of our country. It is an unremmitting task of great significance that we properly guide our youths, educate and train them so that they form a sound outlook of life and become the pillar of the state in the 21century.  However, there has been a sharp increase in juvenile delinquency, which means great harm not only to the youngsters and the families concerned but also to the destiny and prospects of our nation. For this reason, it is a topic of great importance as to how we can create a sound social environment for the young, thus preventing them from committing transgression and crimes.  What constitutes the four major factors leading to juvenile delinquency the society, families, schools and the psychological phsiological conditions of the youths.  There is really much we can do.In the first place, we should strengthen the function and responsibility of family education.  Secondly, schools should carry out plans of education for students' all round development with equal attention of teaching and cultivating.  Thirdly, law education and precautionary alertness should be enhanced.  Last but not least, criminals infringing upon the legal rights of the minors should be severely punished and models knowing and abiding by the law awarded.






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