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    這是拙政園ppt英文介紹,包括了Brief Introduction,Main Scenery Spot,Architectural Art,Elegant design style of courtyards等內容,歡迎點擊下載。


    Chinese Suzhou Traditional Garden Humble Administrator Garden 拙 政 園 Brief Introduction Main Scenery Spot Architectural Art Brief Introduction The Humble Administrator Garden, built in 1509(明朝正德四年)by Wang Xianchen during the Ming Dynasty , is located in the No.178 Northeast Street of Suzhou City. It is the largest and most renowned classical landscape garden in Suzhou, covering an area of 83.5 Mu. As one of four great gardens in china, it is a 5A tourist spot and listed in the key national heritage conservation units in 1961.The garden was inscribed on the World cultural heritage listed by UNESCO in 1997.It is worth mentioning that the designer is a very famous figure—Wen Zhengming(文徵明). Main Scenery Spot The Humble Administrator Garden is divided into three parts—the eastern park, the western park and the middle park,including 蘭雪堂、涵青亭、秫香館、天泉亭、芙蓉榭、綴云峰、玉蘭堂、見山樓、荷風四面亭、香洲、松風水閣、小飛虹、遠香堂、海棠春塢、聽雨軒、雪香云蔚亭、梧竹幽居、留聽閣、塔影亭、浮翠閣、笠亭、與誰同坐軒、倒影樓(夜景)、波形廊、宜兩亭、卅六鴛鴦館(十八曼陀羅花館)、盆景園、雅石齋. Architectural Art Ubiquitous ponds Elegant design style of courtyards Courtyards strewn at random Luxuriant flowers and trees Ubiquitous ponds There is nearly 6 mu of water surface,which occupies one third of the garden area.It is said that when Wen zhengming started to design the Humble Administrator Garden,he found that it is unsuitable to build many constructions on this place because of soft soil,diffuse water and heavy moisture.So Wen Zhengming took water as the theme and embellished the garden with trees and flowers,designing each scenery spot tactfully.With the addition of lotus and bright-coloured carp,these ponds have been beautiful landscapes. Elegant design style of courtyards Exquisite carvings Classical windows and doors Graceful interior design Courtyards strewn at random In early years, the constructions in the garden were quite sparse, only including a hall, a little building and six pavilions. At the end of the Qing Dynasty, the quantity of constructions had increased obviously while the area of the whole garden decreased. The consistency of central buildings had reached 16.3%. The ancients interpenetrated two groups of courtyards betweeen the houses and the garden landscape,solving transition of both. Set off by the spaces of these different size courtyards, the main space appear to be wider. Luxuriant flowers and trees






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